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Travel tips for your vacation or cruise from the Cruise and Travel Connection

Dealing With Airlines


The U.S. Department of Transportation continuously collects data from all of the major airlines, airports and consumers in an effort to track efficiency and consumer satisfaction rates. This information is very detailed and available to anyone that wishes to view it. The data includes information on flight delays, mishandled baggage, over sales and consumer complaints. To view the full reports, visit this website:

The Ultimate Travel Tip

You have called the Cruise & Travel Connection and one of our Travel Professionals has found you a good deal. Now how do you take advantage of it? We've seen it far too many times and in many different ways: we come across an amazing deal one afternoon but our client would prefer to go home and talk with her/his friends or family. They call back when we open at 9:00 the next morning and the great rates are no longer available or the room has been taken by someone else in another time zone.

In our globally-networked world, once word gets out about a particular deal, it will not last long. The key to getting last-minute deals is to book them (i.e. pay for them) as soon as possible. Until you make a deposit, no hotel or airline or tour operator has any obligation to honor the quoted price. This applies to most kinds of travel, and especially something that is last-minute or which you see advertised in the paper or elsewhere. The phrase "Here today, gone tomorrow" doesn't even apply to travel deals. "Here now, maybe here in an hour" would be more appropriate in many cases.
Our advice: Book it Now!

If you are traveling outside of the United States to another country, you are going to need a passport. Applying for a Passport is actually a very easy process. You can download the application from the U.S. State Departments website. This website also goes over all of the requirements you will have to meet in order to get your passport. For more information, click on our link below.

Passports for international travel
All About Passports



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